Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can and do hurt me...

Remember that old adage about words being unable to cause pain? It's not true. In fact, words can hurt now more than ever. The Be Kind Online movement is all about drawing attention to and raising awareness about a growing issue that affects adolescents and teens all over the world: cyber bullying. The web has opened up the floodgates to hurtful, public, bullying behavior, often without a real awareness of the hurt that words can cause. Cyber bullying is growing and no one seems to know how to stop it. Here's where you come in.

Think about:

What you are saying?
Who you are saying it to?
Who will be affected?
How will this affect you down the line?
Who is seeing what you are saying?
How would you feel if you or your loved ones were the one being bullied?

We want to help you help the world with putting an end to online bullying. We want you to be kind online.