1.   Doing something nice feels better than doing something mean, right?

Well many kids and teens these days are experiencing the latter. On the web, through their phones, really any communication technology is a place where cyber bullying is happening. We believe that kids are good, just maybe need a little guidance when it comes to how to behave on the web. What can you do?

2.   Imagine a world where kindness reigns and everyone fights to stop cruelty

Now imagine that world today, right now. Imagine a world without cyber bullying. Would you only stop cruelty that you see in real life? It takes more than that. We need you to be kind online. What can you do?

3.   You are kind to those you see in person. Are you kind online?

We're bringing kindness to the front of your screen. Cruelty is cruelty, in person or online. So join our fight and be kind online. What can you do?

4.   Think because you can't see someone's face that they are actually faceless?

They aren't. Think before you type and remember to be kind online. There are real people behind the screen, with real feelings. Spread kindness; stop cyber bullying. Be kind. We can't claim to be a universal guideline but we are pulling on a universal belief: people are good. Join us and be kind online. What can I do?

5.   Kindness. Everyone likes it, right? What can you do?

Well then help us share the kindness. Being behind a screen doesn't make cruelty any less mean. So join us and help the world to be kind online.

6.   We don't believe that the world is a cruel place 

We don' t believe that the world is a cruel place. We're just trying to bring out the best in people, everywhere. Being behind a screen doesn't mean that your words and actions aren't very real. So join the movement – help spread the word and be kind online. What can you do?

7.   A random act of kindness can make someone's day

An act of cruelty can take that joy away. Without seeing someone's face you might not realize that your words can hurt. Join us in taking kindness online for everyone. What can you do?

8.   Kindness. It's easy.

Well we're here to make it easier. Kindness exists everywhere, but sadly so does cruelty. And with the anonymity of the internet, cruelty can go pretty far before anyone realizes the toll its taken. We all need to work on putting an end to cyber bullying. So what can you do?